Pain in the ass

A beautiful picture, Millennium Park. From this side of the park, from Michigan Street, you can see everything: The Crown Fountain in the foreground; the Cloud Gate shining above all the beautiful trees; and even part of the futuristic roof of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. 

A beautiful picture, Millennium Park. Moreover, in the midst of so much beauty, there is an ice skating rink so that people can enjoy these views while skating. That’s amazing! 

Oh! Wait, no! What are you doing? You call that skating? Nooo, come on. Among all the magnificence of the picture is something that spoils it, a group of clumsy-penguin-tourists trying to survive on their skates. That’s not skating! They are not even enjoying it. They are just trying not to fall. 

I remember the first time I went ice skating. I was terrified. I knew I had no idea about skating and I was probably going to hurt myself a lot. My brother was with me and I noticed how his body was totally rigid, he didn’t know how to start neither.

–Go –he said. 

–No, you first.

–Come on.

–We have to start somehow. 

–We are going to fall, bro. 

–Let’s fall now –I have always stupid ideas like this –. I think It’s not going to be painful, and then we will skate more relaxed.

We did it. 1, 2, 3 … and we threw ourselves to the ground. It was painful, but it wasn’t a big thing. So, I started skating without fear falloff falling. That was so much better, and that was how I learned. 

Look at these guys. I wish these people would do the same: forget the fear of falling. They would enjoy it much more, and they would offer us a less ridiculous image. 

Oh! I get it: life is like an ice skating rink. Wow, I’m such a publicist. Do you like the analogy? Maybe we are behaving like these amateur skaters dealing with our daily decisions. Maybe the people who learn how to fall and get up again enjoy life more freely. I know, it’s a very common topic, to not have fear. But I still have it, don’t you? Even Millennium Park remember us this same message: the far we have it’s the real pain in the ass. 

Chicago’s Cloud Gate – Íñigo Soler


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